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NOI Technologies

NOI takes advantage of recent advances in the latest technology to enhance patient-staff communication and improve staff efficiency, leading to quality patient care.

Intelligent Healthcare Communication Systems

NOI Technologies is a subsidiary of ZKR Healthcare which was formed with theaim to bring the latest technologies and industry best practices under one roof at affordable costs for a digital, smart and sustainable Healthcare industry. From communication and information management to workflow,asset and patient management our smart solutions help care givers and patients equally in most efficient way. We believe that the quicker the world’s institutions can adapt to latest advances in technology, the better and more equal human quality of life can be across the globe.

We are proudly the emerging leader in Smart Healthcare solutions industry with our smart systems installed in more than 750 Healthcare facilities which have served over 38 million patients over the span of last two decades.

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Our Values

Digitally smart and modern hospitals where goal driven technologies do the job, simplifying the workflows; automations that make daily tasks easier for the care givers while comforting the patients at the same time and leaving least footprint on the environment. Our ultimate goal is to help healthcare facilities achieve a true sustainable digital transformation.

At NOI Technologies, we use the extensive industry experience that we earned over the years coupled with latest technologies to create an ecosystem of smart products and services that spawn a new era of fully digital and paperless hospitals.

Our systems are designed to adapt to changing ward environments. We evolve with you

Solutions To Make A Difference

NOI Technologies has the smart products and services which can help automate and digitize the healthcare environment from a grass root level and ultimately make the digital transformation a reality.

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