NOI Technologies

The simple ease-of-use system makes sure the devices are keeping them provisioned, tracked, secured, charged, and disinfected. A variety of other lockers and charging carts are also available with an all-new modern design and internals. Each bay is equipped with an electro-magnetic locking system to keep users safe while devices are being disinfected. The charging cart offers a secure, centralized, location to sanitize, charge, and deploy facility-issued and/or patient and visitor personal mobile devices. Made with durable, industrial-grade materials to protect from theft and frequent usage. It can be securely attached to any wall to prevent theft or damage.

  • Manage and track checkout/in of the facility’s valuable assets.
  • Chemical-free UV-C surface disinfection effectively kills 99.9% of infections and pathogens from shared devices.
  • Integrated cable management
  • Integrates with leading management software programs for remote management programming and firmware updates through open API.
  • Open architecture charging.
Mobile Device Management MDM Storage, Charging and UV-C Sanitization