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Infant Tracking and Protection System

Infant Tracking System

Ensuring the safety of every baby is crucial, and NOI Technologies introducing new Real-Time Location System (RTLS) to make the task simple and effective. This smart health care solution has live maps, instant alerts, and automated procedures, our system is designed to keep newborns secure in hospitals. 

No more worries about human errors or mix-ups! In busy hospitals, it’s hard for people to be everywhere at once. Parents already have a lot on their plate, and we don’t want them to worry about abduction attempts or mistakes with newborns. That’s where Infant Tracking & protection System by ZKR comes in – the top smart solution for newborn security in hospitals.

Our automated system assigns a small, comfy device to each baby through a quick process. This device talks to the system, giving real-time updates on the baby’s location. Our staff can easily see where the baby is in the room or bay, ensuring a safe environment in the protected area. 

Our solutions are all about keeping things simple and safe. The RTLS system is reliable, making sure every baby is safe and sound. Trust us for a secure start to every little one’s journey.=