NOI Technologies
Nurse Scheduling & Workforce Management Solutions

Our comprehensively robust and automated scheduling software takes care of all workforce management needs of a facility including :

1. Nursing Scheduling

2. Time & Attendance management.

3. Employee self service portal

4. Staff education & credential management

5. Mobile app and more.

With multiple methods to create schedules and tools to make schedule management easier, it is a large time and money saver that enables us to contractually guarantee a one-year payback. It allows users to do the following according to user group.

a. for Managerial Users :

• Build and publish a schedule within minutes and make subsequent edits.

• Create and assign an unlimited number of shift rotations.

• Operate without restrictions on shift structures or unit organization requirements.

• Ensure complete compliance with organization regulations.

• Track any changes made in a fully auditable fashion.

• Approve or deny employee requests with ease.

• Automatically notify employees of any changes or needs regarding shifts.

• Find the most suitable employees to cover open shifts with one click.

b. for Staff Level Users :

• View their schedule on an easy-to-use personal calendar using a phone or PC

• Easily request shift swaps or changes.

• Show availability or unavailability to work overtime.

• Submit leave requests and see manager actions with ease.

• Bid to work open shifts

• Receive all relevant notifications as per preference, through SMS and/or email.