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ZKR-NOI Technologies at the Forefront of Arab Health 2024

Arab Health 2024 is set to witness the dynamic presence of ZKR-NOI Technologies, a trailblazer in the realm of intelligent healthcare communication systems. Our mission is to integrate the latest technologies and industry best practices into a unified digital platform that fosters a smarter, more sustainable healthcare system. We are committed to revolutionizing care efficiency for both providers and patients by optimizing communication, information management, workflows, asset tracking, and patient care coordination.

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Why NOI Technologies Matters?

NOI Technologies is an emerging leader in Smart Healthcare Solutions, serving over 38 million patients through smart systems deployed in over 750 healthcare facilities over the last two decades. Our participation in Arab Health 2024 demonstrates our commitment to driving innovation and excellence in healthcare worldwide by harnessing technology’s immense potential to elevate human quality of life.

Our Solutions: Leading the Smart Healthcare Revolution

As we showcase our prowess at Arab Health 2024, we bring forth a portfolio designed to redefine the healthcare experience. From the Smart Nurse Call system ensuring responsive patient care to the TIPPLUS All-in-one HIMS streamlining healthcare operations, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored for a digital era. Our Patient Infotainment and TV Solutions provide not just entertainment but a holistic approach to patient engagement, while our IoT Solutions for Healthcare introduce a new dimension to data-driven decision-making. The Smart Queue Management System optimizes patient flow, and the ZSmart Hand Hygiene Monitoring & Compliance System ensures a sanitary environment. Additionally, our Infant Tracking and Protection System provide automated, facility-wide Infant Protection. Each newborn is easily assigned a small, comfortable, and unobtrusive device through the software’s auto admission process.

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Arab Health 2024

Arab Health 2024: Unveiling the Future of Healthcare

Join us at the Dubai World Trade Centre from January 29 to February 1, 2024, for Arab Health, the Middle East’s premier healthcare trade event. As we showcase NOI Technologies’ cutting-edge solutions, this cornerstone event offers unrivaled opportunities for networking, learning, and collaborating to shape the future of healthcare. Witness the transformative power of our smart solutions, and explore their potential to connect brands, or professionals, and ideas. Join us on an exciting journey towards a more connected, smarter healthcare future.